UL to Montpelier Greenway


Welcome to the UL to Montpelier Greenway project information page. Here you will find information about the UL to Montpelier Greenway project, updates on project progress and contact details for the project team.

The vision for the UL to Montpelier Greenway is to create a walking and cycling trail between UL and Montpelier that provides for a high-quality experience for people of all ages and abilities. This new infrastructure will integrate with and enhance the existing natural and built features of the region, to help support the economic development of local communities and promote the health and wellbeing of the people of Limerick. 

Project Development Process

The UL to Montpelier Greenway Project is currently at the Options Selection (Phase 2). This represents the third of seven steps that are required to bring a project from concept to completion. The figures below show the proposed Route Corridor Options for the Project which will be developed as part of the current Public Consultation Process in Phase 2.

Table indicating different project phases with current phase (phase 1) highlighted in red.

The Options Selection phase will examine several corridor options to determine an overall Preferred Option. During this phase, all reasonable / feasible options are examined and their costs, benefits and effects on the environment are interrogated to identify a preferred UL to Montpelier Greenway option.

Benefits of the Scheme

Constructing the UL to Montpelier Greenway would provide numerous benefits including:

Graphics indicating scheme benefits.

Have Your Say

This project has completed Public Consultation No. 2, (finished on Monday 18th December 2023).

If you have any feedback please contact us via the Project Team Contact Details tab below.

Mid-West National Road Design Office,
Lissanalta House,
V94 H5RR

Email: ulmontpeliergreenway@midwestroads.ie 

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